Pilates and The Pelvic floor

Pilates is an excellent exercise method for strengthening and connecting with the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They both help stabilize the pelvis and support the organs of the lower abdominal cavity, such as the bladder and uterus.  Pilates is a low-impact exercise system, allowing it to be a great way to get yourself moving early on in your recovery. Due to it’s strong emphasis on breath work it is key for  the pelvic floor and core connection helping improve women’s health issues, and aid in postpartum recovery including diastasis recti, abdominal and pelvic floor weakness.

Pilates Principles and Breathing

Pilates places a lot of focus on the CORE and BREATHING. By doing breathing exercises you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  Connecting to your core and pelvic floor to your breath is key to rehabilitating any pelvic floor dysfunction. A contraction of the pelvic floor is proven to improve with cordinated breathing. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on breathing and the pelvic floor.

Pilates @ The BodyWorkshop

Pilates-based rehabilitation is a service offered as part of your physical therapy plan of care. You will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist, who has additional training in Pilates-based rehabilitation.  An evaluation will be performed to assess your posture and alignment, mobility, strength, balance, and overall movement coordination.

Based on the assessment, your therapist will develop a treatment plan that focuses on Pilates-based exercises to address your symptoms and areas of concern.  You will learn exercises that can be performed at home using an exercise/yoga mat and you will also perform exercises on specialized equipment such as the Pilates Reformer during your appointments. These exercises will help to improve your strength and flexibility and retrain your movement coordination to reduce pain and improve function with daily activities.

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Molly Conway

I specialize in pregnancy and postpartum care, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and breast cancer rehabilitation.