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At The Body WorkShop We Love Helping Women With Everything Women’s Health Related Whether They Are About To Have A Baby, Had A Baby, Experiencing Pain, Or Are recovering From a Women’s Health Surgery Such As A Hysterectomy Or Breast Cancer Get Back To The Activities They Love

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While I hate to admit it, I was unaware PTs focusing on pelvic floor health/birth prep existed. No one in my pregnancy journey – from my OB to my friends – had mentioned pelvic floor prep with a PT. I am grateful I found Molly!
Beginning in my third trimester Molly was a source of calm knowledge and prepared me physically, mentally and emotionally for a beautiful birthing experience. My mind and body felt more connected, more educated and more prepared for the journey of childbirth, and I was able to this all in the comfort of my own home via telehealth.
I am now two weeks out of labor and can report that my birth experience was better than I ever could have imagined. I owe this to Molly. My recovery has been minimal both physically and mentally, allowing me to focus my energy on my two boys (I was at the park with my older son just 2 days post partum!! No way that was happening with my first).


I started working with Molly, 8 weeks after my c-section because I was experiencing pain and pulling along my scar. Molly was able to use her hands and with the use of her little gadgets to decreased the pain and eliminate the sticking along my incision. She not only resolved my pain, she also taught me so much more. She was able to teach me how to hold and lift my baby, comfortable breastfeeding positions, breathing techniques, and how to connect with my pelvic floor. I also love that she uses Pilates based exercise. I grateful for Molly helping me get back to being a Mom that was not living in pain anymore while caring for a newborn.


I started seeing Molly for pelvic health related issues of bladder urgency and urinary incontinence. These symptoms started after my breast Cancer surgery the year prior. I did not see a physical therapist after my mastectomy, and I wish I had. Molly not only helped me with my bladder issues but she also addressed some ongoing pain breast pain, and helped with my inability to reach behind my back. Molly treats the whole body, she is kind, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much about how my body works. I am so grateful to have found her!

About the Body Workshop PT

At the Body workshop we specialize in helping women solve their women’s health issues across their lifespan. We understand how intimate, personal, and intimidating women’s health issues can be.  We provide physical therapy services in a small intimate clinic, in the convenience of your home, or through telehealth so you can heal in a more comfortable environment. We listen to your story and look at you as a whole, not just a body part. We are committed to a true partnership with each of our clients, and our goal is to empower our female client to better understand and reconnect with their bodies in order to conquer their problem and return to an active lifestyle.

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